Wedding season is upon us! Summer is a big season for weddings and we’re in the mood for LOVE here at Suite Pieces. June marks the month of my own wedding. 9 fantastic years with this guy. And Julie, our events & marketing coordinator extraordinaire is planning her own wedding for next year. We thought this would be a great time to do a little series on Wedding Style. We’ve noticed a serious correlation with wedding style & home decor style from our custom requests and we want to share some inside tips with you. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to help you decide on your wedding style, and how that can influence your Home Decor Style.

Sometimes deciding on your style is the hardest part. We’re going to help you choose which style suits you best. We’ll be showing you ways to achieve a Traditional, Rustic, Glam & Modern style with your wedding. And the best part? We’ll also be showing you ways you can DIY key accents to really personalize your day.

So how many of you have a hard time “deciding” on decor? Whether it be decor for your home or decor for your event, they’re both related. Here are some tips to help you figure it all out.

1. Use Pinterest Boards! Pinterest is genius…it can also be a black hole…lol. But here’s your assignment. Create a wedding board, or a living room board, or kitchen board…you get the idea. Then just start pinning away. Just pin the spaces you love. The ones when you click on them, they make you gasp. Once you’d had some fun, take a look back at your board. I bet you’ll start to see some similarities. Are you seeing lots of brass, lace, pearls & greenery? Then you’re probably a “Traditional” bride. We’ll expand more on that next week ; )

Here’s a quick peek at our “We Love Home Decor” board. What you’ll notice is that there are a lot of traditional elements, but each photo has some sort of BOLDNESS to it. Whether it’s a pop of black, a bold color scheme or a bold design element, like big stripes or a statement light fixture. One of my lovely team members pointed out to me one day that is a key element to our style here at Suite Pieces. And now, I see it, each and every time I’m drawn to something. Defining your style is so key to  setting up your event, your home, your wardrobe, you name it. Defining your style makes making choices so much easier.

2. Look in your closet! You will definitely find where your style leans using this as a guideline. My closet is filled with stripes, polka dots, a big florals. I’m definitely a preppy girl. But I also have tons of bling & glam in there as well. So I’ve defined my own style as “preppy glam”. Your style will most likely be a mix, which is a good thing. Layering several styles together is what is really going to define it. It also helps to make it unique & special to you.

photo courtesy of Landeeseelandeedo & IKEA.

3. Focus on Flowers! Stay with me here…create another Pinterest board for flowers. Then start pinning away. Are you drawn to more clean modern flowers? Like orchids and simple branches?

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

Or do you love tons of roses & baby’s breath? This will help you figure out, are you more Traditional or Modern.

photo courtesy of Bell the Magazine

I think I’ve given you enough to work on before next week. Go ahead and get started! And let us know, which style are you??