Last week we talked about finding your wedding style. And what I’ve found is that your wedding style is really going to influence your home decor style. Keep that in mind as you plan your special day!! It would be extra special to use things you acquired for your wedding to adorn your home afterwards. Plus, budget friendly!

So what would make you a traditional bride? If you see lace & pearls and your heart goes pitter patter, that’s a clue! Here’s our list of staples in the traditional style:

  1. Lace
  2. Pearls
  3. Brass
  4. Hanging Greenery
  5. Hydrangeas
  6. Roses
  7. Peonies
  8. Candelabras

Now let’s have a little picture show…

Photo credit via Jennelise Rose Blog

Photo credit via Brides Magazine UK

Photo credit via

This next one could be considered a cross between modern & traditional. Mixing styles is totally OK, even advisable!! We’ll talk about modern in a couple weeks. The font is a bit modern, as well as the glass & candles down below. Make sense?

Photo credit via Ngo Creations on Etsy

This is another cross between modern & traditional…the flowers are part traditional, with the hanging greenery & part modern with the orchids. The hanging glasses are definitely modern leaning. While the folded napkins & silverware and the long tables lend themselves to traditional. Can you start picking these apart now?

Photo credit via Mon Cheri Brides

Photo credit via Wedding Ideas Mag

OK, so let’s talk about how you can use your local vintage shop…like Suite Pieces ; )  to outfit your big day in a traditional style. Vintage shops have tons of brass laying around. Tons of that traditional gold finish. It is so in and on trend right now. Check out some goodies we have laying around the shop right now. Brass candlesticks, candelabras & some brass bins.

Photo via Suite Pieces

Now, let me show you one of my favorite traditional wedding trends happening right now. And this is totally easy to do, just stop on by the shop and we can hook you up!! Just find an old vintage mirror…we have quite a few laying around the shop at all times!

Use some of our famous gilding wax to really add some gold drama, easy peasy! We used King Gold on this one.

And last, add a vinyl with your choice of words. Bam! Instant wedding & home decor!! You could also use a vintage mirror to do your seating chart, menu or unplugged sign for your special day. If you go with a special quote, then you can use it in your home to do double duty. So where do you get the vinyl you ask? We cut them custom here in the shop! If you purchase the mirror from us, it’ll make it even easier because we can figure out sizing & spacing too.

OK, now I’m crying…because Pinterest was in its infancy when I got married!!!! I wish I could re-do my wedding…hmmmmmm

Well until next week peeps!! We’ll talk about Rustic Style. See you then!

PS! Check out our BTS video on how we applied the gilding wax on the mirror!