This past weekend, Hubs & I took Little Mama on her first vintage excursion. I planned this little getaway a few months ago when I got word that Annie Sloan was coming to Rhinebeck for the Country Living Fair. She was doing a private stockist training and I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only get away for the weekend but also be inspired by all the vintage goodness & of course Annie Sloan!

OMG let me tell you…if you haven’t visited the Country Living Fair yet, you definitely need to! Just check out all this fabulous vintage inspiration…

Amazing work by Around the Bend. This guy makes furniture from willow and he strips it and bends it all by hand. So cool!

The displays from South Porch Antiques were gorgeous. Very inspiring!

How do you feel about this turquoise chippy cabinet?? So authentic!! Want to recreate this look? Use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint!! I’d custom mix Kitchen Scale, Eulalie’s Sky & maybe some Ironstone ; ) Such a gorgeous look!

I loved how they grouped like items…made such a great impact!

So of course, there’s also food! Yes, I did have lunch, but I also had dessert!! How cute is this cupcake stand??? I had hoped I could have them travel to Huntington, but it was a bit too far…darn! Whipped Cupcakes makes a deep fried strawberry shortcake cupcake…OMG, delish!

Anything with flowers and my heart goes pitter patter…this was an adorable booth from JuNxtaposition.

I also loved Robert’s Antiques booth from Michigan. They had some really great items too. Those victorian photos…swoon.

Their whole space was quite Boho, but also Traditional Vintage. What a fun combination.

And you know me…anything with polka dots gets me every time. I made a beeline from across the fair to see this booth. Nora Murphy did a fabulous job at drawing me in!

So, wanna see one of my favorite items?? Not something I would expect to find at the fair, but these bags!!! They’re made from high-end designer upholstery fabrics. Sooooo gorgeous!! How would you like to see these at Suite Pieces??

Loved this tee shirt…so true right??

I would definitely say our first getaway with Madison was a great success. She loved looking around at everything and I for sure think she’s going to get my vintage, bling-y bug. Looking forward to next year’s trip!

On Monday, we had a private stockist training by Annie Sloan herself. What an exciting day! It was so lovely meeting with all my stockist sisters & hearing from lovely Annie. We even got to try out Annie’s new detail brushes. They’re fabulous!! We’ll have them in the shop in the next couple weeks.

I will tell you…drawing scares the be-jesus out of me. It’s actually the reason I did not go to interior design school to start back in the day. And painting with brushes, eek! This was definitely outside of my comfort zone. But of course, Annie makes it easy! We learned how to make all the little imperfect details with these brushes. It was quite fun!

We also had fun playing with our MixMat‘s and working with color. We’ll be launching a new color class very soon. I think lots of you are going to love this!!

What a treat to catch up with Annie! I had such a great time…I feel so blessed to be doing what I love.

Thanks so much to all our awesome fans & customers for supporting us through the years. Each and every one of my team members thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Until next week…when we talk about a brand new topic!! Weddings!!!