At Suite Pieces we believe not all vintage is created equal. Although we find great pieces that need only be admired, we find many others that are in need of tender love & care. Whether they are too blemished to be worth repair or are simply the wrong color, we think these gems in the rough deserve a second chance. And second chances are where we shine! We teach you how to do it yourself, without spending a ton of cash and time.

We make projects fun, easy and the results are fabulous!


Walking by Faith, Amanda Peppard launched Suite Pieces in 2012. Following a passion for design & education, she opened her first decorative paint boutique & vintage furniture shop in Huntington Station, NY. In 2013, Suite Pieces opened a 2nd location in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. We are proud to have select vintage pieces that are exclusive to each shop, some recreated, some perfectly aged.

We specialize in furniture painting workshops and offer decorative paint supplies at both locations.

In 2014, Peppard relaunched The Yankee Peddler antique market, as Suite Pieces flagship store. Featuring 20 antique dealers, known as “The Shops” And 13 talented artists located on the 2nd floor as “The StudiosScreen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.31.29 PM