We’ve been talking about finding your wedding style here at Suite Pieces. And since your wedding style is usually pretty well defined, it’s a really nice clue into your home decor style. Check out our other posts in this series highlighting Rustic (click HERE) and Traditional (click HERE) and our initial post talking about finding your style (click HERE).

This week, we’re touching on GLAM style. And let me tell ya…this is definitely my style. So here is my list of key elements that make you a GLAM bride:

  1. Crystals
  2. Rhinestones
  3. Mercury Glass
  4. Acrylic & Lucite
  5. Metallic
  6. Pearlescent
  7. Sequins
  8. Over The Top
  9. White Leather
  10. Tufting
  11. Candleabras
  12. Glitter

Now for a little picture show ; )

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Are you drooling yet? I am…this is definitely my style!! If I were to do it over again (with the same amazing guy of course!) my style would be Traditional Vintage Glam. There would be lots of crystals (there were the first time around too!) and this time I’d have a seating area with tufted settees & sequins pillows, just like the one above…ahhh, swoon.

So, how can you achieve this style with the help of Suite Pieces?? Or your local vintage shop?? I have a couple tips for you!

First, we have this amazing new product called Mirror Effects. You can purchase it HERE. This stuff can help you turn any glass surface into a mercury glass finish. It’s fantastic…and perfect for a glam style. Check out these mirrored doors I did in my bathroom. These were plain glass doors from an old china cabinet. A couple coats of mirror effects, some alcohol spritzed on, then a coat of nickel spray paint and voila! They look like custom antiqued glass. Super simple. And don’t worry, I’ll be doing a video on this soon! Check back here for a link, or be sure to follow us on social media, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Here’s a close up of the after. So fun!!

I had a pair and built them into the wall as medicine cabinets. I painted them with Pure White Chalk Paint & did a Paris Grey wash, then finished with clear wax. You can check out my YouTube video on how to do a wash HERE. Since you can use this product to basically transform any piece of plain glass into mercury glass, grab some glass vases from your local vintage shop and create some amazing centerpieces.

OK, so the next thing you can utilize from Suite Pieces for your Glam wedding…any of our metallics!! We carry several different lines of metallic products. Modern Masters Metallic Paint, which you can check out HERE. We have it in 16 gorgeous shades.

We also carry other amazing metallic products like Pearl Plaster, Metallic Foil, & Gilding Wax.

Do you love those brooch bouquets that are all the rage?? Well we carry some amazing little bling buttons. They’re perfect to create a gorgeous keepsake bouquet. Of course, we also have a ton of vintage ones at the shop as well. Our amazing vendors always have a great assortment. Stop by the Huntington shop and see what’s in stock! You can also shop online HERE for our bling buttons.

We also have a seemingly never ending supply of chandelier crystals. We come across these all the time and we have quite a few boxes full of them at any given time at the shop. Here was a handful I pulled out today. These are not on the website, so you’ll just have to stop by to check them out ; ) These would be great to string on your flower arrangements, or just to add a little extra bling to the chandelier or candelabras.

And here’s a couple metallic decor items I found laying around the shop today. Definitely check out your local vintage shop for lots of metallic treasures.

These were some products we found from one of our vendors, EKB Studio. Definitely glam & modern.

And here’s another…crystal glassware & a Distressed Gold Leaf in Pearl Tempaper backing. This Tempaper pattern is very GLAM. Perfect for a little accent on your special day. You could use it as a backdrop or even cover some tiles for centerpieces with it. It also comes in gold ; )

So there you have it, lots of options for your GLAM wedding day. Whether you’re a DIY bride or a buy it kind of bride, Suite Pieces has you covered! Stop on by to check out how we can inspire & help you make your day special. We can’t wait to meet you.