Here at Suite Pieces, we strive to offer the highest quality, most innovative products to our customers. We are always on the hunt for the next amazing DIY product. With that in mind, the next few months will bring some exciting changes to Suite Pieces. These changes are being made strictly with YOU, our customers in mind. 

We are so excited to introduce a brand new line of paint here at Suite Pieces. Jolie Paint is the newest brand of decorative paints to hit the market and we are so excited to be carrying it. This product requires no prep work (just like you've always loved!!) and also has a beautiful color palette. We will have their full color palette in the next couple months, while we transition out of our former products. For now, we are introducing 5 gorgeous new neutrals that we know you are going to LOVE! 

This product line requires a wax seal and has the option of 3 colored waxes to add another layer of dimension. Add the black, brown or white wax on top of the clear to create a vintage feel or coastal feel. These completely new waxes are an absolute dream to work with. If you've ever struggled with the colored waxes, we PROMISE you will LOVE working with these new waxes.

Another notable odor with this non-hazardous wax

 Check out some Jolie inspiration. We're loving the new neutral color palette!


Demi-lume painted in Gesso White

Entry table painted in Noir

Bar painted in Swedish Grey

Server painted in Espresso

Side table painted in Classic Navy


So be sure to stop by either Huntington or Massapequa to check out the new colors & the new waxes. We have all 5 signature neutral colors in stock (shop for them HERE!) and we will have full stock of the entire color line within the next month. We'll be demoing every day in both shops! 


Hope to see you soon!

Happy Painting!