Mini-Brush Paint/Wax Brush


Our Mini Brush (or the #8 brush as many people refer to it for it’s 8” long handle) works well for both painting and/or waxing. It is made with natural hair and a round shape for better application of your paint or wax. The extra long handle is designed to help you reach those hard to get to spots. Clean up is easy with soap and water for paint and cooking oil works well for removing wax. The small brush is an inexpensive option so many people like to buy more than one (one for clear wax and one for dark) or (one for paint and one for wax).

Metallic Foil is the DIY version of gold leafing. Less messy and less expensive than true gold foil but very similar results, adding metallic glitz to any project. Our Metallic Foil is compressed mica powders fused to cellophane.
Metallic Foil is a 3-step process:
1. Apply Leaf and Foil Size to area you wish to add Metallic Foil. Wait approximately 30 minutes for size to turn clear and become tacky.
2. Lay Metallic Foil shiny side down on tacky size. Apply pressure to release mica powders to surface. Peel back cellophane and continue until desired results are achieved.
3. Seal with AE Clear Topcoat (for a duller finish) or AE Clear Finish (for a shinier finish). Sealing can be done immediately after foil is applied.

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