Why do we offer workshops & events at Suite Pieces? If you’re a business person, you’re probably thinking it’s another revenue stream ; ) and yes, that’s true, but the REAL reason is because I LOVE teaching and God gave me a gift. And it’s our job to share our gifts with the world. A lot of love & effort goes into every class at Suite Pieces. And we’re working to bring you some exciting new offerings. I wanted to share tonight some of our past classes and thank those of you who have attended. I’m so honored that so many of you have come to learn from us.

We offer a few different types of classes. Ones where you can learn about our different product lines, like Annie Sloan, Artisan EnhancementsGeneral Finishes, Miss Mustard Seed, to name a few.

We offer a class where you can bring a small piece of furniture and finish it with us from start to finish. How’s that for hand holding…lol. We call it Furniture Rehab and you can check it out HERE.

We also offer a kitchen cabinet class. Thinking about re-doing your cabinets? Bring in a cabinet door and we’ll do it from cleaning to waxing and get you prepped to tackle the whole kitchen! You can book this one most any day of the week. Check it out HERE.

Every month, we brainstorm to bring you a fun home decor project. We call this class Pinterest LIVE! at Suite Pieces…and it has sure become a favorite! Come down with your girlfriends for an awesome night out. Or come alone and make some new girlfriends. Either way, we promise you’ll leave with something personalized for your home, that you love and be proud to display. You can view our March class HERE. Coming up next week in Huntington! Don’t miss it!

Or, you can come in and take a previous class at our Pinterest NOW! series. This class can be booked most any day of the week as well. Check it out HERE.

Since having my baby, I was lucky enough to have one of my amazing team members take over teaching some of our classes so that we could continue to offer them while I learned how to be a mommy. Victoria now teaches many of our classes and she’s amazing. She’s a retired librarian and has quite the teaching history. You will LOVE learning from Victoria, so I hope you’ll join us at one of her classes soon! We can’t wait to meet you ; )

With Victoria teaching some of our classes, I can now create some new & exciting ones for you to take! I can’t wait to share with you what we’re dreaming up next ; )

Speaking of dreaming…it took a lot of that to get to where we are today. If I didn’t let my dreams take root, I’d probably be sitting at a desk in corporate America. My hope for all of you out there? To allow your dreams to take root too.

I went to school to be a math teacher. From the time I was about 5 until my senior year of college, I thought my path would be school teacher. I never really explored any other career. However, I was always intrigued by interior design. I just never thought I had skills to do it.

My senior year of college, during student teaching I had the scary realization…oh crap, I definitely don’t want to do this every day for the rest of my life. I spent over $60K on my education and there I was ready to throw in the towel and start over. No way, I couldn’t do it, what a waste I thought. Fast forward to today, about 15 years later and I’m really glad that through a God-ly series of events, I am here, tonight, writing to you, NOT as a school teacher.

It didn’t make sense that I loved teaching but had this gut wrenching feeling that I didn’t want to be a teacher. Sometimes God leads us on a winding path that doesn’t make sense. My best advice? Follow your gut, and your heart. I saw a quote recently…something like, where does your mind go when you day dream? That’s your path.

My mind always went to decorating. But I was good at teaching. Not to toot my own horn, because I’m not that kind of girl, but I knew I was good at learning something & communicating it in a way that was understandable.

If I tried at any point from 1999 when I graduated high school until 2012 when I opened Suite Pieces to put the path together, to understand what God was about to do, it would never have happened.

My love of teaching has also led me to creating lots of how-to videos on our YouTube channel. Besides teaching classes, this is probably my 2nd most favorite thing to do with the business. It’s so fun hearing the success stories from so many of you all over the country after watching our videos & tackling projects. We’ll be adding more videos in the upcoming months so be sure to subscribe to our channel!

Take the step and He will give you the stairs. I’ll leave you with that thought tonight. It’s something I’ve tried to live over the last 6 years. I’d love to hear from you…tell me, are you following your dreams? Do you need a pep talk? We do that too at Suite Pieces ; ) Stop in and chat with us…and take a class…I promise you’ll be inspired. We can’t wait to meet you ; )