Have you noticed my love for bling? And anything that sparkles? I might have a slight obsession.

So with the trends leaning toward anything metallic, I am one happy girl! And hopefully, you are too…since Suite Pieces has everything you need to create those gorgeous looks with your DIY skills. So, let me tell you how you can add a little bling to your life. Even if you’re not a bling-y kind of gal, I think every space can use a little bit of glam.

Want to add a little sparkle to that outdated hardware? Gilding wax to the rescue! A little dip of the finger & this amazing product  adds a bit of glam to any metal or raised detail. Check it out on this latest piece we just completed at the shop.

Here’s a before of that twig hardware, a little blah for the look we were going for in the original oil rubbed bronze finish.

We used Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® on this piece and kept the drawers in the original finish. We added our very own Twig Hardware to modernize the piece and the King Gold Gilding Wax just adds a nice glam touch.

How about foil? Have you tried it yet?? So super easy to use and really gives that authentic gold leaf look. It is a 3 step process, a little more tedious than just a dip of the finger with the gilding wax, but in my opinion, totally worth it! I did it on a pair of lamps in my bedroom. I found these lamps at Home Goods, but didn’t love the golden, champagne finish. It didn’t go with the silver tones in my bedroom. So, I used our Silver Foil, along with Leaf & Foil Size & Clear Topcoat to turn these lamps from gold to silver. The Clear Topcoat helped to slightly dull the finish so they weren’t too shiny. If you’d prefer to keep that super shiny finish, you can use Clear Finish to seal off your project. Check out this YouTube Video showing how to use the products.

Here’s another project we did with foil. This is the Gold Foil. You would use the same Leaf & Foil Size (which is a glue) and and the Clear Topcoat (to slightly dull the foil) or Clear Finish (to keep your foil a little more shiny) to seal.

And probably my most favorite piece to date with foil…grandma’s sofa!! This piece came out amazing!! Did you know we also do upholstery?? Here’s the before so you can get the full effect ; )

And the after…

In case you’re wondering, this piece is available in our Massapequa location.

Using hardware is a super easy way to add a little glam to your projects. These are my favorite knobs from our collection, we call these the Elizabeth Taylor knobs. They’re on my nightstands at home and they definitely bring me a little bit of joy every morning!

And if you were following our Nursery Reveal series, I’m sure you saw these glitzy knobs too. These are my 2nd favorite from our collection ; ) These are our Rhinestone Filigree Knobs. They actually come in Gold & Silver. Shown here on Madison’s hutch in gold.

We also have metallic paint in about 15 different gorgeous shades, if that suits your fancy. We use this product A LOT to accent pieces. Check out this beauty we did with the color “Smoke” on the inset panels. We also used it as a glaze to go over French Linen Chalk Paint®. This beauty sold pretty quick. But of course, you can recreate the look! With Chalk Paint® as a base coat, you can use our metallic paint right on top without having to do any prep work. Easy peasy!

Don’t let your paint projects have all the fun with sparkle! You can easily add a bit of metallic to any home decor! Here, I added a faux silver nailhead to trim out the cornice in my bedroom. I just used a little hot glue to tack it on. A high end designer look without a high end price tag. And yes, we make cornices too!

I’m a sucker for home decor accessories with a little bit of sparkle. And of course, it’s all about balance. The preppy plaid on these chairs paired with the Glossy Black Gel Stain is a nice juxtaposition…adding the bling-y pillow just turns it up a notch. I re-finished these beauties for my home. I’d call my style preppy glam for sure.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to add a little bling to your life? Stop on by one of the shops and we’ll help you! Or give us a call! We’d love to hear how you’ve used some of these fabulous products. We hope you’ll stop by soon! Thanks for reading!