Hi All! We are so excited to announce that Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event has officially celebrating it’s first-ish birthday! ; ) We’ve been a little busy and slightly missed the year mark, but we’ve had SO much fun creating with you over the last year, so we wanted to do a quick recap!



Let’s start all the way in the beginning! January 2014 our first official Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event was a Family Birthday Board!

How exciting!!! At our 1st Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event, we provided everything you needed to make your own beautiful, custom Birthday Board – wooden sign, vinyl lettering, 20 chipboard circles, a Chalk Ink® pen, ribbon, hardware, and the choice of two gorgeous shades of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and clear wax!

We taught our newly-hatched ‘Pinterest Peeps’ the popular two-color distress technique, and each attendee went  home with a Chalk Ink® Pen for filling in names and birthdays!



Onward and upward! Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event in February 2014 was Stenciled Monogram Decor with Burlap Bows! We are a bit obsessed with monograms,,, as you soon will see! This was the last event before we went into rehab stage and updated our whole space. We have another blog post coming to tell you all about it ; )

We made these gorgeous monograms, which were perfect for hanging on their front door or as a focal point inside their homes. We’ll use Chalk Paint® and have three stencil designs to choose from: Chevron, Polka Dot & Damask! This event was so simple but made such an impact. From this event on we knew Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! was a hit!



Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! kept the personalization going in April 2014 with the Metallic Monogram Tote with Fabric Rosette This event was so fun and how cute are those totes?!

We transformed a stylish cotton canvas tote with wooden toggle closure using  Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, Metallic Foil from Artisan Enhancements (in gold, silver, copper or bronze), and a fun typewriter font monogram stencil! These bag came out ADORABLE!


Next event was May 2014 Pinterest LIVE! Mason Jar Organizer. This jar organizer was all over Pinterest in May 2014 and I love that we were able to show everyone to create it themselves!

Our version of the mason jar organized contained three 16oz. wide-mouth mason jars, mounted to a 15″ carved board using metal hose clamps and we painted the boards with Chalk Paint® and finished them using a wash technique (one of 4 popular techniques we teach in our Intro to Chalk Paint class). As a finishing touch, we added chalkboard tags tied with jute twine and a burlap ribbon hanger to the back.

This craft was amazing because of the endless uses! It could be hung  it in the bathroom to corral your beauty products; in the craft room to house your ribbons; in the kitchen to store spices or other pantry staples; or even as a vase for flowers in summer.



June 2014 Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event was a Pinterest Peep (and mine!) favorite!!! This event was the Reclaimed Wood Entryway Rack. Gorgeous for your house or even a as a present, this is one of our most requested redo!


We taught our Pinterest Peeps  how to use a dry brush technique using our fabulous line of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. This allowed us to create a beautiful rustic surface. Then we applied customized vinyl stencils with their  family name and “established” date. Finally, we finished our boards with a combination of clear and dark wax, and their choice of iron hooks or crystal knobs. Was this one of your favorites? Keep an eye out on our FACEBOOK page, WEBSITE or subscribing to our EMAIL list at the bottom of our website.


July 2014, brought another reclaimed project with the Reclaimed Window Frame.

How darling was this?!

We started this Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event by painting our window frames using once again, Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan to create a beautiful rustic surface. Then we distressed it with sandpaper, or layer with several colors.  We love this one because we really let our creativity run free by customizing the six-pane window with supplies like chicken wire, jute and mini clothespins, and of course Chalk Paint®. Love this one!


Our next Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event was for both August/September 2014 and it was our BACK to HOME Event.

This was such a fun event!! At this event we showcased three different projects and demonstrated the techniques you need to complete them on your own. The three techniques we did were:

1) Stenciling on Fabric using Chalk Paint® and our fabulous line of Royal Design Studio stencils
2) Personalized wedding decor, including burlap signs with fabric rosettes & vases created with Chalk Paint® (can fit right in to your home decor as well)
3) Using gilding wax to turn ordinary metal accents into something display-worthy.

We decided to change it up at this. Would you like to see more like that? Give us at shout @ info@suitepieces.com.



We went back to originial recipe for October 2014 with the Fall Sign Event.

This month, we introduced you to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. Milk Paint which is known for it’s rustic, farmhouse look and it’s authentic chippiness and we used Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax which is buttery & so fun to work with. We also showed you the stain/wash technique, along with 2-color distress! This sign came in 3-different 3 versions, either Autumn Harvest, Hello Fall or Happy Halloween.

Besides creating your sign, we also had a furniture painting demo! We had Pinterest Peeps  jump in and try out this fabulous paint on a larger piece! .



Next month was November 2014 and we did the Thankful Tree! We are so THANKFUL for all our Pinterest Peeps and loyal customers, so this event was PERFECT!

Using Chalk Paint®, mason jars, burlap, branches & tags, we’ll supplied all the goods for you to create the perfect piece of home decor to accent your thanksgiving table this year. We  painted mason jars & stenciled a burlap placemat! The idea was to get to practice painting on glass, fabric and even branches if they wanted!


Probably our MOST popular Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event was our December 2014 event with the Monogram Burlap Wreath! This event was so popular we ended up doing it TWO more times, with a redo in January and a private event as well! If you and your 10 buddies want to have a SUITE private party, just contact me at Amanda@suitepieces.com.

At this event, we gave the Pinterest Peeps an option of a 3-letter monogram or 1-letter monogram, then we  provided the wreath form, burlap (and a ton at that…these wreaths take about 15-20 yards of burlap!), monogram letter and ribbon for a bow and of course the Chalk Paint®. ; )

We encouraged the Peeps to  bring other embellishments to adorn your wreath with. Some examples were, ornaments, holiday pics, flowers, etc!!

So should we make this an annual holiday Suite Pieces Pinterest! LIVE tradition?  Lets us know at info@suitepieces.com or leave us a comment!




January 2015, New year, New Event! We did Stenciled Memo Boards.

For this Pinterest LIVE!  we had the Pinterest Peeps, bring the frame and we taught the rest!. Along with painting the frame, we showed then how to stencil the canvas by choosing from one of our many, many STENCILS! Finally, we wrapped & mounted the canvas boards inside the frame.

The star of the night was our fancy framing gun that we call it a “ker-chunker”!  We used this ker=chunker to attach the canvas to the frame.



In February, 2015 we did a ‘SUITE’ Home Sweet Home Plaque.

We created this darling “Home Sweet Home” key ring holder plaque by  painting the background of the plaque any color of the Pinterest Peeps’  liking and stenciled it with a choice of one of our many fabulous STENCILS. We then applied a vinyl sticker either in black or white saying “Home Sweet Home.” Lastly, we attached the key ring holder and “suite-en” it up by applying gilding wax in SILVER or GOLD.



By March, 2015, we were sick of the dreadful weather and wanted to move the winter along (at least in our minds) with a spring-y Pinterest LIVE! craft and we chose Clay Pot Wreath!

We wanted to show everyone how easy it is to paint and personalize all your garden decor using Chalk Paint®! We’ll be provided everything for this craft (excluding the filler), including a grapevine wreath form, plenty of clay pots, paint, foam (for inside of the pots) & moss. Peeps just needed to bring filler for your pots.

We allowed Pinterest Peeps to choose to leave thier clay pots without paint which makes for a beautiful look as well. Of Course, we LOVE polka dots around here so we chose to do them on on our pots! ; )




For April 2015, we wanted to do something extra “SUITE” in time for Mother’s day, so our craft was our Decorative Wooden Tote!

Using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we showed how to turn a plain wooden tote into a essential piece of your garden or a beautiful accent to your spring table decor! We provided the wooden tote, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in all 24 colors (including her limited collection colors!) and stencil saying your choice of words in “GARDEN”, “MARKET”, “HERBS” or the Peep’s last name! We also had a whole bar of goodies to take the tote to the next level! This was a perfect gift for any mother or garden lover! We know our moms loved this one!


For May 2015, we had Custom Address Plaques. Love this!!

Can you believe this isn’t professional?!

Using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, we demostrated how to customize a plain wooden plaque, using a shadowing technique, into a beautiful statement piece for any home. This even makes an awesome housewarming gift!

We’ll be provided the wooden plaque, Chalk Paint® and stencil with the house number, street name and first letter of the Peep’s last name! Would you like to see this Pinterest LIVE! Event pop up again?

So in the next couple weeks we are going to be announcing SEVERAL new event series!!!! We are soo excited! The first one we can’t wait to announce so we’ll give you a sneak peek…  Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! at HOME!!!! Now you can do some of your favorite crafts from your own house! You can even gather a couple of your friends together and have your own Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Party. Did you have so much fun at a Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event, you want to do it twice? Now you CAN!!!  How fun?! As always, these kits (and every Suite Pieces Pinterest LIVE! Event) will be available for purchase on our website or on our Huntington location. So keep a look out in the next couple weeks for which craft kits, will be available first!