Hey Peeps! So here at Suite Pieces we try to take all the guess work out of DIY-ing. We want to make your creative process as effortless and easy as possible, even when customizing your colors!

A great way to customize any Chalk Paint® color is by adding Pure White or Old White. This way you can control the shade of the color you want to use. Since we love to help, ; ) we decided to create these handy color charts to show how to simply customize your favorite Chalk Paint® color!

Before you start we created this measurement chart to help you out!

Now don’t get intimidated! This is really simple. To figure out the “parts” just decide what form of measurement you want to use and stay consistent! YOU decide the measurements. So if you want to interpret 1:1 ratio means one quart (32oz.) of color to one quart white, thats fine! OR if you interpret 1:1 meaning one sample size (4 oz.) color to one sample size white, thats fine too! You can even create smaller batches by using say 1 oz. to 1 oz. or 1/4 cup to 1/4 cup. It all depends on your needs. Whatever your part is, (it can even be a marked line on the bottom of a water bottle or plastic container, you just need to keep consistent.

So take a look at our custom color charts and see if you become inspired.  Keep in mind in all the color charts the first number in the ratio is always the color and the second number is the white, either Pure White or Old White.

Enjoy! And PS…all computer monitors will show these charts slightly different. We tried the best we could to make each picture match as closely as possible. For the best viewing, stop by one of our shops where we have these custom charts available any time ; )



We hope that these charts helped to get some of your creative juices flowing! As always we would love to see any of your creations and post them to our website, under CUSTOMER WORK, so please email us before and after pictures to beforeandafter@suitepieces.com.


Happy Painting!