This is our final nursery post…for now…hehe. I’ve had lots of fun sharing all the details of Madison’s nursery with you all! This was such a labor of love for me and I feel honored that so many of you followed along with us! Madison does too!

In this last post, let’s talk about the little details that are like the icing on the cake. Interior design is so much more than just a pretty space. It’s about making a space function well while also feeling cozy, inviting & layered with things that have meaning. When you flip through that next home design magazine, really take a look at the rooms. They don’t look sterile or cold (well most of them anyway ; ) they look well lived in. Like you could just plop yourself down in the middle and see yourself living there.

There is real talent in being able to create that feeling, it is a true art form. I admire the way interior designers do their job, and I hope to be really good at it someday. For now, I’ll continue to practice & learn.

When I look through a design magazine, I really study the pages. I look at each item in the space, I pick the room apart and try to understand why things are placed where they are. I study the scale & proportion, the contrast & textures, the mixture of patterns. There is so much that goes into designing a space & I have a serious respect for it; from wall color & coverings to furniture & placement, window treatments, bedding, accessories, lighting, electrical, hardware, moldings, heating & cooling elements, everything plays a role. I never really realized the full spectrum until I got into this business.

Here are some of the details of Madison’s room that make it really feel like a special space. Not only did I pick the details because they’re pretty, but most of them have so much meaning. I can’t wait to share the details with Madison someday.

This little brass rocking horse was a tchotchke I grabbed from my husband’s families home upstate on our last trip there before Madison joined us. It’s been in the family a long time and I love that it’s a reminder of a place that’s so near & dear to Johnny & my heart.

These adorable canvas prints were a gift from my mom. When I told her the theme was “sophisticated baby”…she asked if there would be any animals allowed in the space…haha. I said, Giraffes & Elephants are my favorite. Sure enough, her next trip to the store, and she came across these…they were a set. Totally meant to be!

My husband’s family’s cabin is near Oneonta, NY. That’s our upstate getaway. We have actually yet to get miss Madison there! The last time we went up, it was before I gave birth. I do a lot of picking up there, so many great shops! This milk glass vase was another pick from my last trip. It’s filled with silk peonies…mommy’s favorite flower. The brass “dream” I picked up from Marshall’s, which in this family we lovingly refer to Madame M’s. My hope for Madison is that she’s a dreamer. I want her to dream as big as she can imagine.

I love bling. Have you noticed? The adorable “Bloom Baby Bloom” plaque was a gift from my new sister-in-law Jamie, I added the cute bling button on the wall to dress it up a bit. We carry these in the shop. You can use them on just about anything…walls, pillows, clothing, you name it!

Here’s another bling button. This one is on either end of the adorable felt name banner my mom made for Madison.

She has an Etsy shop where she sells her creations, called Serendipity Bliss. She’s starting to add more items along the way. She’s so super talented…she can sew & paint & bead & knit & crochet…basically any kind of incredibly detailed arts & crafts she can do.

Who doesn’t love flowers?? I’m kind of obsessed lately. I bought the large pink flowers from Pottery Barn Kids & I made the black & ivory/white ones myself. I think every space should have a little bit of black. I think adding that pop throughout the room grounds the space. Let me know if you’d like a quick little tutorial on how to make the flowers…I’d be happy to share! Super easy!

Here’s another print in Madison’s room. This one was created by my hopefully-soon-to-be-sister-in-law, Kaitie. Kaitie actually painted this one by hand. She’s a graphic designer, super talented! She also has an Etsy shop where she sells digital files of prints, invitations, table numbers, and all kinds of goodies. It has that little pop of black that I love too! Another great quote for Madison to live by.

Some more bling buttons from the shop! These plates I actually made for Madison’s baby shower. Yes, I even decorated their furniture at the catering hall. And yes, they thought I was crazy…lol. These were plates from the dollar store…we painted pink polka dots, with Chalk Paint® of course. Then I just hot glued on the bling buttons to the center. They were the perfect addition to the top of Madison’s hutch. I’ll never forget all the love & planning that went into her baby shower. I loved every minute and felt so blessed to be showered with love by so many of my family & friends.

Madison just loves this snow globe from her grandpa John. Maybe Madison will be a ballerina someday. For now, she just loves hearing the music & watching the girl twirl all around.

How cute is this miniature piece of furniture?? This was a gift from Johnny’s aunt. It came to me in a cream color & had a simple little miniature towel. I modernized it with a coat of Graphite Chalk Paint® & added some pink fabric & a flower to the little towel. Totally fits right in to Madison’s space now!

There is so much on this little shelf that has meaning. The candle is from a shop in the village that I browsed while 8 months pregnant, called Madison’s Niche. Such a cute spot in Huntington…check it out if you’re in town! The brass frame is from Madison’s shower decor & the postcard inside is another great quote for her to live by someday. It’s a Kate Spade print that I got for my birthday from my Suite Pieces team members. So special to me. And probably the most meaningful on this shelf, is the silver train. It was a gift from my aunt Mary who wrote a book about how Madison met her Aunt Sammy in heaven before she  joined us here on earth. The book is called “Aunt Sammy & The Silver Train”. My sister passed away a little over 2 years ago, at the same time I had a miscarriage. I miss her every day and I know she’s up in heaven watching down over Madison, raising that other little bean of mine up there. Love you Sam!

Aunt Sammy also has a home on Madison’s gallery wall, which is above Madison’s changing table. I’m sure my sister gets a good laugh every time Madison pees on us. We say good morning to Aunt Sammy every day and I see every morning as an opportunity for a reset as a mom & a boss…I always think about what a great mom she was and try to be the same for Madison in her honor. The twinkle twinkle plaque was from one of my peeps, Sandy. She picked it up from a craft fair. Such an amazing piece of art…check out more “Angels of Heart” work HERE.

I really did not like the way the radiator looked “nude”…so I enlisted the help of my husband’s incredibly talented uncle, Freddy, of Northeast Contracting located in Centerport. He built this beauty for me. He does all kinds of amazing work. He basically built my whole house. Everything from kitchens & baths, to molding, demo, fine carpentry, you name it, Freddy’s your guy! Give him a call and tell him Amanda sent you ; ) 631-987-7224

Another gift from Sandy, this poem has sooooo much meaning. I can’t wait until Madison can read it and really let it sink down into her soul. Johnny & I signed it for her and I hope this is something she’ll take with her when she goes out on her own someday. It’s called Letter to Sophie, and you can find this print here. I framed it with a black mat & a mirrored frame from Michael’s.

Last but certainly not least…a few more creations by my mom. This is a double sided hand embroidered pillow she made for Madison. Even the banner was done by hand. Although there are machines available that can do this kind of stuff (I recently turned her on to one!)…most of my mom’s stuff is super special because it’s all done by hand. Accessories like this will be available on my mom’s Etsy page soon! In the meantime, check out the adorable hand made dresses she has posted HERE.

Madison has started to chew away on all the goodies in her crib…she especially loves to gnaw on this little Sweet Dreams pillow. Thanks Mimi!

This adorable hand made mobile from my mom was recently added to Madison’s room. I couldn’t find a proper mobile arm to hang it from. My mom, the very smart lady she is, sent me command hooks to hang from the ceiling…perfect! All the animals were embroidered & beaded by hand. I told you she was super talented!!

Thank you so much for following along once again. I had so much fun sharing all the details of Madison’s room with you! Let me know what you’d like to see for our next blog series!! I love sharing & teaching so let me hear those ideas!! See you soon!!