So I’m sure you’re aware of the fantastic event we have coming up on Thursday, January 23rd. If you haven’t heard…you can read all about it HERE.

We’ll be doing some awesome events like this every month. AND, we’ve decided to make you a part of our decision on what craft we work on. Would you like to contribute some ideas?? You can follow our board HERE, and once you do, we’ll send you an invite so you can start pinning some fabulous ideas too!

We’ll be doing a 2-color distress technique with Jolie Matte Finish Paint on the Birthday Board for January’s event. It’s a very popular technique, looks great, and is easy to achieve!!

We’ve started working on lots of new sample boards to inspire our customers and we thought we would post them here to show you some of the possibilities. Now keep in mind…the possibilities are absolutely endless!! I could really get crazy with combinations, but we started with about 18 combos ranging from high-contrast to low-contrast. Over the next few months, we’ll be working on tons more sample boards, featuring lots of different techniques. If you haven’t been to the shop, please stop by soon! We have lots of inspiration between sample boards & furniture pieces. It might even be better than just browsing across the endless blogs & websites on your computer ; )

Keep in mind, each computer screen is going to show these colors different. If you’ve seen Matte Finish Paint in the flesh hopefully you can visualize ; ) Also, I tried really hard to get the pictures to look very close to what the board looked like here in the shop.

Thinking of a combo you’d like to see? Give us a shout & let us know! We may just sass up another sample board or two ; )

Have a peek and enjoy!

On another note…we’re almost at 1000 fans on Facebook. That is just ridiculous to me ; ) For those of you who know me well, you know I don’t like to say “I can’t believe it”…because, well, if you can’t believe it, then it won’t be true ; ) Your words determine your future so I will just say THANK YOU! Thank you Lord for putting all these awesome people in my path and thank you to all our wonderful customers who love this amazing paint and everything we’re doing with it!!

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