Want to create a custom piece of furniture using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan? Try mixing your own color! For this low boy dresser, we started with a base coat of Graphite, then did a wash using a mix of Emperor’s Silk and Napoleonic Blue in a 1:1.5 ratio. To mimic the look of gold inlay, we taped off a stripe with painter’s tape and painted inside with Modern Masters metallic paint. We carry SIXTEEN different colors!! We then sealed and protected it with clear & dark wax. Does this all sound a little bit confusing? SUITE PIECES is here to help! Call us, drop by or check out our YouTube channel and we’ll teach you how to do it all!

Interested in purchasing this low boy dresser? Call our Suite Pieces Huntington location and ask for furniture code SPH762. The dresser measures 36″w x 20″d x 30″h and costs $325.