I have a slight obsession with organization…however, being organized is NOT my natural tendency. I’m naturally a messy person. Believe it or not peeps! I can have piles of paper all over the house and know exactly where that one piece of mail is. Anyone else with me?? Over the years, I’ve worked hard to overcome that messy tendency, and my husband may beg to differ, lol, but I’ve come a long way.

I love strolling Pinterest seeing the obsessively organized pantry cabinets & closets, and I do believe I can get there someday. Do you believe you can get there someday? Having belief you can do something puts you about halfway there. Give it a shot, I dare you to start believing something you didn’t before you read this. See how long it takes for it to come to pass. Let me know how it goes ; )

Sometimes I think we beat ourselves up over our homes and how they look. I think instead of being inspired by what we see, we start comparing…and when we do that, it’s so easy to go a negative route. I’m certainly not perfect and I’m guilty of comparing on occasion. The key is to not get stuck there.

I’ve tried to be really mindful of my journey and realize that I am a work in progress. I am the clay, and my potter (my favorite man upstairs) is going to continue to mold me. We have to stay open to that and allow Him to change us and grow us. This is something that I live by each and every day.

If there is a place for everything, then I can easily stay organized. When I come into a space with lots of “stuff” all over, sometimes it’s a bit harder for me to get organized. With Madison’s room, it was a little easier because I was able to create an organization system as all her supplies were coming in.

I knew that I wanted to do something special in this little space, I knew it was a chance to use one of my favorite products at the shop, Tempaper®. This pattern is Brass Belly by Genevieve Gorder, available HERE. We sell this amazing product by the foot or by the roll. It’s so super easy to use, not messy & unforgiving like traditional wallpaper. It has a self-adhesive back and you just peel and stick. And when you get sick of the pattern, you just peel it off the wall…easy peasy!!

Here’s a video we did showing the application of Tempaper® in the back of a bookcase. Have you checked out our YouTube channel lately? We’ll be posting new videos in the upcoming weeks! Subscribe so you don’t miss our latest DIY adventures ; )

We have lots of fun with this product, it comes in a ton of different patterns, some of which have a gorgeous texture and/or metallic finishes. It can be applied to furniture, stairs, walls, the possibilities are endless! Stop by the shop to learn a little more, or give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have ; )

Here’s the Brass Belly on the front of a dresser in our shop.

The next step after putting up the wallpaper, was to contact a professional for the closet design. One of the lessons I’ve learned along my business journey is that we can’t do everything. Sometimes, it’s better to contact an expert, instead of recreating the wheel.

I had laid out the design in my head, with my trusty measuring tape. I get quite obsessive with my measuring tape. I know every measurement and I love figuring out what I can fit into any given space. So I had an idea of what I wanted, but then I brought in Kristina from Huntington Closet Company and asked her opinion. She presented me with several designs and after telling her my needs and what I thought Madison’s needs would be, we decided on this layout.

That shelving unit straight ahead can easily be changed over to more hanging storage, with just the simple addition of bars and removal of the shelves. And the triple hanging on the left, can easily be switched to double hanging or more shelving if we want.

I love using lots of baskets because it makes it very easy to stay organized when you put all the like items together. I kept the bath supplies in one basket, toys in another, books in another, and so on.

I put one of those genius plastic bag holders from Ikea on the wall toward the floor. We didn’t get one of those diaper genie’s, we just throw out the diapers in a plastic bag. The closet is right next to the changing table, so it’s easy to grab one when we need it.

I also need to tell you about Little Nomad Play Mats. They are the most beautiful play mats available on the market!! I saw the owner of the company (a new mom) on Shark Tank and I was intrigued. I ordered a 4 x 6 mat right away! Madison loves hanging out on it and it’s nice and soft…and pretty…lol. I’m sure you can agree, the garish yellow, blue, red, green foam mats wouldn’t look quite as nice in her room. It was a little bit of a splurge (about $100 for 4 x 6), but I figured I saved a ton of money on all the furniture I painted…wink wink.

Little Nomad Silver Lining Play Mat

We added a couple hooks on the wall to the right and lastly, I added some additional storage to the back of the door. This is just a smidgen of the headbands little miss has…lol. We had a DIY bar at her shower and we made tons of them for her. I love switching them up every day and putting her in something someone else created for her before she was even here. She’s so lucky to have so many people who love and adore her. I’m pretty darn lucky too.

So that’s it! It’s not a big closet, but it’s super organized! I feel we maxed out every inch of space and I hope Madison will appreciate the love & care that went into the design. I never had a closet growing up and this was something I was so excited to give to my daughter. It is my goal as a mom to teach her how to be grateful for her blessings. I’ll try to do that leading by example. Thanks for reading along peeps! I’ll see you all next week when we talk about window treatments…ahhhhh! So exciting ; )

And if you missed last week’s post, check it out HERE. We talked all about how to create the Restoration Hardware finish on the furniture with our amazing Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. Want to learn how to use her paint? Join us this weekend for our Intro to Chalk Paint® class. It’s rare we do classes on the weekend, so take advantage!