I know what you’re thinking. I’m going to show you the very first piece of furniture I did for my home…way back when I started on this journey. Not exactly…

You see, I’ve been so busy creating and having fun working on pieces for my fabulous customers, I kind of neglected my own home…oops! So…I saw the blizzard as the perfect opportunity to work on something for myself!! It was the first time I was forced to stay home and out of the shop for a while ; )

So here is the wonderful before of this darling little side table who has so darkly been living in my den for quite some time. I picked her up at a thrift store for $12.99…good find, right?!

So let me apologize ahead of time for my photos…the hubs bought me a new camera for Christmas and I’m still getting used to it ; )

I had some extra paint from custom mixes so I decided to go with a blend for my piece. No super scientific method here…as Annie says, painting should be fun & easy! In case you’re wondering…it’s a bit of French Linen & Old White in the container on the left & Pure White in the container on the right.

And yes, when I’m home, I’ve decided I will always paint in my jammies ; )

So here we go, first coat on. And I just want to remind you all that this should be fun & easy! Don’t worry about brushstrokes & being perfect, just go with it…you’ll end up with a beautiful custom piece, made by you ♥

Do you see all my brushstrokes? Don’t worry, most of them will go away with the 2nd coat…however, if you want them to show, adding dark wax will catch in all the grooves & crevices and give you a gorgeous aged & antiqued look.


I ended up doing 2 coats on both the body & the drawers of this side table. And hubs had to get in on the fun and take some action shots. PS…not many people get to see me looking so glamorous, so consider yourself lucky ; )


And here she is all finished! This little project took me about 3 hours from start to finish, and that was with me taking breaks in between and attending to other household “stuff”. Don’t you just love instant gratification?!

The color on the drawer fronts is 1 part French Linen & 1 part Paris Grey.

I left the original hardware…I love that dark pop against the lighter colors. So perty…

And I dark waxed just the top for some added interest.

I’m loving my new piece!! I slightly distressed some of the edges after I waxed. It came out just how I wanted it to ; )

OK, so maybe I kinda sorta in a round about way lied about this being my first piece of painted furniture. I guess this would “technically” be my 2nd piece, but this is the first piece that I actually painted specifically for myself. Here’s a quick peek at a piece that I painted for the shop, then snatched up for myself after it sat for a while.

Before…and yes, that is a peach, pink, blue & coral headboard from the 80’s. I seriously cannot believe this was in style at some point…craziness. I must remind myself, I said the same thing about skinny jeans…

And here is the dramatic AFTER!! Looking french & fabulous in Old White & Paris Grey. And YES, I painted the fabric!!!!! Soooo easy!!! If you’d like a post on how to paint fabric, leave me a comment ; )

So what do you think? Someday, I’ll reveal my master bedroom makeover…this was a great starting point for the new look!

Thanks for stopping by!!