Lots of Exciting Stuff!

Please forgive me!! I have been quite absent on my little blog. When I started this, I thought I could write a couple times a week…yea right…eeeeek!!!! Anyway, it seems that all of the wonderful things that go along with my business have been keeping me quite busy! Which is certainly a good thing, I’m definitely not complaining!!

So, you’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to…let me give you a run down!

I’ve discovered that I REALLY LOVE doing workshops!!!! I did originally go to school to be a math teacher, so I guess it makes sense that I love sharing knowledge! With that being said, I decided to put the focus in my business more so on workshops and less on custom work. But don’t worry, I have an appointment this morning that will hopefully help to keep up on the custom work I’ve been doing. ; )

Sooooo….I rented a new space that will be solely dedicated to workshops/studio space. I plan on having my first classes in there in the last 2 weeks of October. I’m working on my class schedule as we speak and it will be posted up here in the next few days! Take a peek at my new space so far!

It’s certainly not done yet, but every day I’m getting closer & closer…cannot wait to share this space with all of you! My goal is to make this space funky, fresh & fun. A space where you can be inspired & creative! Hopefully I can achieve that!!

So besides working on this, I had a fabulous event a couple weeks ago. A very special event…the bridal shower of my dear friend & my husband’s cousin, Lauren!! I was in charge of decor and I had so much fun! I may do an entire seperate post on this since there were so many fabulous things to see! Take a peek at my “gift”. Here’s the before (Lauren & her dad picked this up in the trash…by the way, Dad thought it should stay in the trash, this thing was awful)!!!!

Pretty bad, huh? The top of this piece was had to be completely “molded”. After I took off the veneer (no chance of salvaging it, it was chipping & peeling badly), the wood underneath was very uneven.

I had lots of fun with this piece…it was certainly a challenge, but with the end in mind, that Lauren was going to have a wonderful vanity table for her dressing room, I was very excited!

Here are a couple afters…I surprised myself with this one! Dad couldn’t even believe it was the same piece…haha!!

And here is the lovely bride & I…I’m happy to report, she loved it! I loved working on this for you Lauren…I hope you enjoy it for many years to come!!

Another piece of exciting news for me…my first newspaper article…ahhh!

The result of this article was a wonderful gentleman coming into the store yesterday. He & his wife read the article & had some furniture they’d like to give to me. He & his wife loved what I’m doing and the only stipulation was they have to see what I do with them before I sell them. How fun!! I visited their home yesterday, built in 1910 and I got a wonderful history lesson.

Bob, I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday and I loved hearing all your stories! I got to see lots of things I’ve never seen before…take a peek!!

A collector of spoons, he has quite the collection!

Here were 2 of my favorites…

Dog & Cat spoon…how fun!

LOVED these bottles!!!!

So, have you ever seen a real civil war gun???? I hadn’t, but I got to yesterday! Pretty cool!

Another first for me, I got to see, feel & touch, real money from the 1800’s…money from before we were the “United States of America”…Confederate Money…sooooo cool! Bob has an incredible collection, binders & binders full of it…sooooo cooool!!!

I was so surprised by the incredible detail & graphics on this stuff. They didn’t have computers back then and I think these graphics were just so beautiful. Take a look at this hundred dollar bill…love that font…haha!!!

Those of you who know me and my family know that I grew up around a lot of old cars…my dad is a car junkie…haha!! I even came home from the hospital in an old car, specifically a 1961 Chevy Impala. I wonder if that has anything to do with my love of all things vintage…hmmmm. He has immense amounts of talent in restoring them & tinkering with them, getting them up & running. So when Bob pulled the cover off this baby, I lost my breath. A 1951 fully restored Jaguar…OMG, soooo cool!

This is for you Dad, take a peek!

And last but not least, the real reason I went to see Bob in the first place…the lovely desk he’s so generously giving to me (among a few other pieces). It’s a bit buried, but take a peek! I’ll be painting this beauty with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint…can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

Speaking of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, I’ve also received in our first shipment…we’re fully stocked…yayyyyy!!!!

Whew…so do I get a pass for my absenteeism on the blog??? Haha!! Lots going on, but I will do my best to keep you all better informed! I hope you all have a fabulous day and feel free to stop by to see me! I’ll be at the shop working on the new space.

And if you have any suggestions for classes you’d like to take, leave me a comment! I’m developing a few new classes and I can’t wait to share them with you!