I Have My Dining Room Back

When I  started working on weekends selling furniture at the flea market, I quickly realized I had no place to work at home on my pieces and watch over my 4-year old son at the same time.  The garage was full of furniture and bikes, the attic was bursting at the seams with more furniture and unfinished projects, and the basement was off-limits as husband would have divorced me if I took over that last man-space.  So I gave up my dining-room, sold my chairs and moved the table against the wall to create a space where I could paint, repair and pile projects while being able to watch my son playing in the den.

There are ugly linoleum tiles in the dining room and other areas that we never got around to changing when we moved to our house. So when I started painting, I didn’t bother protecting the floor, I let the paint drip all over and left it to dry. It actually added some character to the sad linoleum, changing the mood from bad 80’s remodel to cool artist studio.  I didn’t even mind accidentally spilling a whole can of Scandinavian Pink on it!


Fast-forward to two years later and my work-space operation has moved to our new shop in Greenpoint, where we take many of the unfinished pieces and work on them on site.  Time to get back into dining mode.  Since I had sold my Tulip Dining Chairs at the flea, (I am still questioning my sanity at that moment) I had nothing to use for seating at the dining table.  Not a prob, I thought, I find chairs for a living!  Worst case scenario, I could paint some random chairs and have the mix-and-match look.  But before I even put my hunting gear on, I hit the mother-load of garage sales and scored a Russel Woodard patio set that had escaped me many-a-tagsale.  These had been repainted and chipping everywhere and in bad need of a new paint job.  Sand-blasting and powder coating was more money than this thriftster wanted to invest, so I decided to paint them with Chalk Paint® in Graphite, and leave them unwaxed for a matte finish.


I started by scraping away the loose paint with a steel brush and went right to painting.  Getting into all the wires took a while, so I did one chair at a time.

The paint adhered without any problems and dried quickly while working outside.


I really love the way they came out, and I love the fact that I saved all that money too!  The wire mesh looks so uncomfortable, you may think, but they are quite the opposite. they contour the body well, and a cushion for the tushion makes them a pleasure to use.


My little guy opts for the snuggly one with the lambskin rug on it.