Getting Schooled

A couple weeks ago Corina & I had the privilege of traveling to the Unfolded Studio in High Point, NC to take an advanced training on all things Annie Sloan. We had a blast ; ) And we learned a TON. It was incredibly inspiring and it helped to define my vision even further for the future of Suite Pieces. I am so excited about what’s coming down the pike and I will be sharing that with you very soon…but you’ll have to wait just a bit longer ; )

Here we are…the moment before we were in complete awe, immersed in creativity for the next 48 hours.

Amanda & Corina

Take a peek at some of the shots we took while we were down there.

Unfolded Studio

Unfolded Studio 1

This fantastic piece in English Yellow Chalk Paint® was done with a smooth modern finish. Just gorgeous…and felt like glass! And check out the wall behind it…done in Graphite and waxed with dark wax. So glamorous!Unfolded Studio 11

This little vignette reminded me of my living and dining room. I have both red & turquoise in those rooms…and this piece inspired me to recreate a piece I’ve been hating on for a while. I’ll show you that makeover in the next post ; )

Unfolded Studio 6

And check out what’s on the inside of the drawer…my favorite!! Polka Dots!!! Along with some fabric samples from Annie’s fabric line…so beautiful!

Florence & Polka Dot Drawer

Annie Sloan is always talking to us about finding our style. This style wall looked fantastic…and so inspirational. And check out that light fixture! Of course done in Chalk Paint®. So what’s your style?? Do you see yours up there??

Unfolded Studio 7

Wouldn’t it be great to take a workshop in a space like this??Unfolded Studio 10

I was so inspired by all the samples around the studio. This basket was full of 2-color distress boards, and there was another whole basket with color wash boards. If I were a customer, this is exactly what I would want in a DIY Boutique…to be able to be inspired & create at my own free will.

Unfolded Studio 9

There were also endless amounts of custom paint colors done on stir sticks with all the ratios recorded. That is genius…and definitely something we’ll be doing in the shop ; ) Paired with a paint mixing bar which we’ll be debuting next week, we’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect shade of Chalk Paint®!

Sample Stir Sticks

More sample boards…I think this time I love the basket even more than the boards ; )

Sample Boards

And check out their awesome library! There were so many design books…hmm…sort of like my inspiration lounge idea (more on that very soon!). It’s all coming together ; )  Unfolded Studio 2

And here are some shots of their back room area. Yes people…you can even paint a fridge!! How cute is this?? And I just love that even on top of the microwave there is a can of Chalk Paint®…ha! I can just imagine someone left it behind as they were heating up their lunch ; )

Unfolded Studio 8

Even the ordinary plastic bins got the Chalk Paint® treatment…what a great idea for a kids playroom!!

Plastic Drawers with Chalk Paint®

An office out of palettes, metal shelving & some old barn doors…genius! And so warehouse chic!

Unfolded Studio

Notice the baskets above…with lots more sample boards…

Unfolded Studio 5

And yes, this sofa was painted with Chalk Paint®! Along with the sophisticated tye dye pillow in front!

Unfolded Studio 4

And here’s a peek at some of the sample boards we made…we have many more in the shop so stop by to check them out!


And a high-end rustic look for cabinetry…so fun! Can you guess what colors are in there??


It was sad to leave, that’s for sure! But I’m excited to be back working on implementing some of these fantastic ideas into the business. Tell me, what would you like to see added to the Suite Pieces experience? We’re all ears and we’re so thankful you’re our customers. We do what we do for you and we hope you know how much we appreciate you!

During this week we hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends and we hope you have some time to plop in front of the computer, an iPad or a magazine and be inspired for your next project. Hope to see you soon! And if we don’t see you this week, we hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Chat soon!