Jolie Matte Finish Paint Dove Grey


Jolie Paint in DOVE GREY is as delicate as a dove's feather. It is a very light, warm grey that has hints of beige undertones depending on how the light hits the painted surface. This neutral color works with all other colors in any style or interior. It is truly universal hue.

Jolie Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying paint for furniture, floors, walls, and home accessories. Achieve beautiful painted finishes, such as smooth, modern, distressed, textured and many more. Jolie Paint adheres to almost any surface, including wood, matte plastics, stone, brick, concrete, and metal.

No priming or sanding • Beautiful, mixable colors • Superior coverage

COVERAGE: One quart covers approximately 150 square feet ). One 4oz sample covers approximately 18.8 square feet. Actual coverage may vary depending on surface and application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What color is DOVE GRAY paint? 

Dove gray is a light, warm grey paint color that has a subtle touch of beige. This ultimately can fluctuate depending on the light exposure within the room. 

Which color goes well with DOVE GREY paint? 

Since it is a neutral color, it can work well with nearly everything from whites to pops of color. 

Is DOVE GREY a warm grey? 

Dove Grey is a warm grey thanks to its beige undertones.