Leaf & Foil Size

Leaf & Foil Size is a clear no VOC water based medium with a long open time to be used for all foil and leafing projects. Once applied it provides a flawless tacky surface for the application of metallic leafing and foils.,Leaf & Foil Size only needs one pass and has an easy release. It will not discolor your treated surface and has been formulated for a smooth and easy application. Size can be rolled or brushed on, will tack up within 45 – 60 minutes (it will take longer on a wall) and will remain tacky until the Clear Topcoat is applied.

Metallic Foil is a 3-step process:
1. Apply Leaf and Foil Size to area you wish to add Metallic Foil. Wait approximately 30 minutes for size to turn clear and become tacky.
2. Lay Metallic Foil shiny side up with the matte side making contact on tacky size. Apply pressure to release mica powders to surface. Peel back cellophane and continue until desired results are achieved.
3. Seal with AE Clear Topcoat (for a duller finish) or AE Clear Finish (for a shinier finish). Sealing can be done immediately after foil is applied.

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