Brooklyn Bound!!

I know, I know…it’s been wayyyy too long since we last spoke. It’s really quite crazy how the time can pass you by when you’re not looking. Or rather when you’re looking for real estate in Brooklyn! Which is exactly what we’ve been doing for the last 8 months. But finally, FINALLY!!! We found it. We found our first shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.



Since I feel like I see so many of you on a regular basis, stopping in to the shop, chatting on Facebook, etc., I sometimes forget there are so many more out there who don’t have a clue what’s going on around here! Let me fill you in a bit.

Back in October, a lovely lady named Corina stopped into my shop; a furniture dealer at the Brooklyn Flea. She bought Chalk Paint®…she used Chalk Paint®…she sold several pieces painted in Chalk Paint®…she came back for more Chalk Paint®…she was addicted to Chalk Paint®. Once she was hooked and came back for more, she proclaimed that Chalk Paint® NEEDED to be in Brooklyn. It was the perfect spot for it. She desperately wanted to have a shop in Brooklyn but felt like she couldn’t do it on her own…funny, I had been thinking the same exact thing. And so, we ventured on a partnership journey. Her editing & hunting skills along with her very unique sense of style paired with my concept for a DIY Boutique & secret love for sleek & glam were a perfect match. We got to know each other and started coming up with what we wanted in a shop. We started to realize how different we were and what an awesome pairing that would make us.

I must share with you the amazing, emotional, frustrating, trying, testing, exciting, aggravating, elated, up & down journey we went on to get to this little jewel box in Greenpoint…but that’s for another day…or maybe even several days. I think that could probably be an entire series.

I had no idea what we were embarking on when we did, but I’m sure glad we stuck through it. And trust me when I say, there were days we both wanted to throw the towel in. Thank the good Lord we didn’t.

Many of you have stopped into the shop while Corina & I have been scheming about Brooklyn, so lots of you have had the chance to meet this fabulous lady. In case you haven’t, here we are at our first photo shoot for the website ; )


Artwork courtesy of Maxine Jurow, studio @ The Yankee Peddler.


So after all that yucky business stuff…like leases, partnership agreements, banks, riders, lying real estate agents, way too many showings & some hard core negotiating…Corina & I are on to the fun stuff…creating, purchasing, & designing our first shop together. And we are enjoying it. I’m doing my best to not stress too much since this is the part we’ve both been waiting for, for so long. And although I have some serious control issues (yes, I will admit I am a control freak), this has been an awesome exercise in letting go. God is working on me each and every day and I know this was all part of His plan.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks at what we’ve been working on.






Our official opening date is Wednesday, August 21st…only 2 1/2 days away! We’ll be having a grand opening event within the few weeks following our opening.

Our regular hours will be Wednesday-Sunday from 11am-7pm. We are so excited to bring the first DIY Boutique  along with Chalk Paint® and mid-century flare to Brooklyn. We can’t wait to meet all our fabulous new customers. So please, come on out and say hello! We don’t even mind if you stop by while we’re working…although, we might put a paint brush in your hand ; ) See you soon!!