Hello, I am a vintage furniture dealer.

Love saying that! I finally found what I love to do!  After years of wrong career paths, settling for what felt safe and reading self-help books, I began a deeper search and started putting the puzzle pieces of myself together: My endless trips to museums, my searches at the library to educate myself on the History of Modern Design, my anxiety attacks waiting in lines at estate sales, thinking that all the good stuff would be gone before I got in.  I realized, I should be doing what these dealers in front of the line do!

I overcame my fears of rejection, failing and contending with “the real dealers” and took a spot at the Brooklyn flea, selling vintage, mid-century furniture and just about any home accessory that I found cool.

On my first day there, I was as nervous as a teenager in a new high school.  I didn’t know any of the dealers and had never sold anything.  It seemed as if everyone’s booth was better than mine. I wanted to make a great first impression so I brought with me my best finds, a Saarinen tulip side table, a pair of Eames molded plywood chairs and a canary yellow vinyl recliner.  Within minutes of setting up I was being hit by the early morning dealers asking how much the pieces were, and at my first price they were sold.  Of course, I had sold too cheap. but it was an exciting great start and a day I will never forget.


And so, the outdoor season came and went.  It was a full year of learning “how to”….how to interact with buyers, how to price and how to carry heavy loads but mostly, how to train my eye and not make mistakes in picking pieces that seemed like a good idea at first, but would not be good enough to sell (the thrill of the buy is strong, if not addictive! more on that later).

A full season at the flea was an accomplishment, and pure fun, but it was followed by more questions in my mind, like, “how do I grow in this biz? how do i take it to the next level?”

While learning how to restore my pieces (specifically, the ones with the most potential that possessed cool lines and were well crafted but had some cosmetic issues), I stumbled upon Amanda and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. She is the only stockist who sells this line of paint in the downstate region (more on the love of paint to follow!).  We immediately envisioned a partnership where we could grow our businesses, offer great vintage furniture and sell this awesome paint.

So our partnership began and our excitement grew and soon we will be launching Suite Pieces in Brooklyn. So exciting!!