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331 Vintage


As far back as he can remember, John Murray has been surrounded by the antique & collectible world his whole life. At 7 years old, him & his little sister would hide in the back seat while his parents stopped at garage sales, and even worse, a friend’s house to pick garbage. Vivid memories of mom dumpster diving and stories from dad about leaving the dump with more than he went in with. His parents were the true American Pickers. John’s appreciation did not come until many years later. In between jobs, his dad asked him to watch an antique shop he was running. Needless to say, that was it.Whether it be a garage sale, estate sale, an item on Craig’s List or a curbside acquisition, he’s learned to see something in everything and for that he is thankful. John has become the manager for the Shops as well as Suite Pieces. You can find him most days manning our store and servicing our wonderful customers. He is Amanda’s right hand man and has been instrumental in building Suite Pieces. You’ll find a collection of unpainted, painted furniture & antiques along with
collectibles and recreated art at 331 Vintage.